Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

The weeks go by so fast. I hope all is well on the home front. General Conference was special, although a little frustrating at times that I couldn´t understand everything being said. I will have to wait and study the Liahona when it arrives so I can be sure to understand all the talks.
This week we had a neat experience with prayer. We got done eating lunch and were going to begin our day of work with a prayer. We have been focusing more on specific prayers lately. We prayed to encounter someone looking for a boost, someone that could use a small message about love. The first lady we came across was someone we had a brief contact with on the street a couple weeks prior. I didn´t understand much of what she said then. Even this time was a little difficult. But come to find out she has been struggling with thoughts about suicide. We were able to talk for a little then, and set up a time to talk with her tomorrow as well. I learned of the importance to think and ponder about what we are going to pray for. To really allow the Holy Ghost to guide the prayer and not just spontaneous feelings or a routine conversation. I need to improve in this area and make sure God knows of my sincerity always in regards to me communicating with Him.
After the first session of Conference, Elder Bryant and I gathered the 6 non-members that showed up and sat down in the batismal font area. We invited them all to be baptized while talking about the example Christ set and the Spirit they had all felt during conference. One man stood up and asked if he could say something. He said I know this church is true and I accept your invitation. This man has poor legs, and struggles to walk the 30 min to church, but was very touched by the Spirit he felt at conference and if nothing else, knows that God has reached out and is leading His church through a modern day prophet.
Elder Bryant and I continue to work hard. We held a baptism on Sunday night for a 9 yr old whose parents are members. The Spirit of that ordinance is so very special and makes me desire even more to help others come to the same knowledge and feelings I have about Heavenly Father´s plan for us. Dad thanks for the note last week about Troy´s baptism. I am so glad I called him from Atlanta and was able to hear his decision in person. 
I am close to having to use my next belt loop on the downside. The food is great, but we walk so much to get from appointment to appointment, and sweating is second nature now. The cold is arriving, I used a sheet a couple times this last week while sleeping. Usually shorts and a tshirt are enough. With the winter, I hear missionaries usually eat more and put on a little weight after the summer season.
I lost the memory card for my camera...frustrating. So hold on to the pictures I have sent please. I will buy a new card today so no need to send one. This email is a little short, but know of my love for you both as well as my love and dedication to the Savior.
With love and charity,
Elder Graziano

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