Thursday, May 3, 2012

April 10, 2012

Feliz Páscoa - Happy Easter on Sunday.  The city of Santa Cruz was a little more quiet than usual with so many people spending time with family.  However, we are working hard and praying harder.  Or maybe that´s what we need to be doing more of.  We taught 38 lessons last week, and had 0 people come to church and have 0 dates set for baptism.  Yesterday, for example, we returned to teach a lady and her teenage son.  She told us kindly that she enjoyed our visits but personally didn´t have a desire to study the Book of Mormon or pray.  I asked her if Jesus Christ were here, what would He do to help her.  She responded that she knows we represent Him and that He works through us missionaries to teach people the truth and bring them more happiness through an improved relationship with our Heavenly Father, among other things.  After that, she simply said again, I don´t have a desire to change.  This seems to be a bit of a theme for us lately.  We have met many, many people and conversed and invited them to do things, but we seem to run into more walls than open doors.  I have found much comfort from the scriptures, being reminded of the covenants I have made with God and the responsibility I have to worthily live up to them.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to change myself on a daily basis to be the instrument the Lord needs to help His children.  I have realized a bit about discouragement, and that we simply cannot get discouraged and lower our personal expectations for our work.  We really do have a plan of happiness to share with people and they will not believe us if they can´t look in our eyes and believe the words we speak.  I take advantage of every opportunity which arises to bear testimony of the reality of a ressurrected Savior, and of the peace available through the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I look forward to feeling the Lord work with me to improve my ability to invite others to come unto Him. 
Happy 18th Birthday Vince in 3 days!
One thing that people keep asking me about which I don´t have, is a picture of our family.  Could you please send one down in a letter? Thanks. We just found out today that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland is coming to visit our mission on the 27th of April.  Elder Bryant and I are so excited to hear from and feel the Spirit from an Apostle of the Lord.  Our mission is going to combine with the Porto Alegre South mission to hear from him. 
Well it´s already been one month since my second farewell.  I grateful for the time remaining I get to consecrate to Christ.  I love you very much
With love and charity
Elder Graziano

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