Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pictures from the MTC

Friends from the Reno Single's Ward: Elder Graziano, Elder Calinog, and Sister Forman

Cousins: Elder Higbee, Sister Harries, and Elder Graziano

Elder Graziano and his cousin, Sister Harries who is going to Vina Del Mar, Chile

Elder Calinog (Reno, NV), Sister Viland (Reno, NV), Elder Graziano

Elder Harmon (Mountain View, WY) and Elder Graziano

Elder Graziano and Elder Wadsworth (Oakley, ID)

Elder Graziano and Elder Butler (Florida)

Elder Graziano and Elder Collins (Arizona)

Back Row: Nuttall, Broach, Graziano, Werner, Bradshaw, La Banc
Middle Row: Sampson, Empey, Nielson, Wadsworth, Holteclaw
Front Row: Harmon and Sillitoe

Elder Graziano and Elder Black (Palo Alto, CA)

Elder Stephens and Elder Graziano
They are from the same stake in CA

Elder Nielson (Parma, ID) and Elder Graziano
"Awesome Elder! Very humble yet confident in the Lord"

Sister Taylor (Durango, CO), Sister Hansen (Joseph City, AZ), Sister Welling (Bountiful, UT), Elder Werner (Hershey, PA), Elder Graziano

Elder Smith (Provo, UT), Elder Graziano, and Elder Mahoni (New Zealand)

Sister Houston (Coordinating Sister, from Roosevelt UT), Elder Werner, and Elder Graziano

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